Tips and Resources for People Renting and Moving

We’ve been renting since we got married over 13 years ago. We know a lot about what it’s like to squeeze into small spaces, with lots of kids, and small budgets. We also know what it’s like to move, a lot, especially across the country!

If you are renting and moving soon, I highly recommend my moving checklists for renters bundle!

Moving Resources

Upack Review: We recently moved from Texas to New York and used Upack to get all of our stuff there.

Cross-Country Moving Options: If you aren’t sure how to best afford and manage to transport all of your goods from one state to another, be sure to read this one.

Free Moving Boxes: A list of places where you can acquire free (or cheap) moving boxes and supplies.

25 Genius Moving Hacks: These tips could help protect your stuff during the moving process.

5 Ways to Save on Moving Costs: Moving is so expensive. These tips could save you quite a bit.

Renting Resources

Apartment Hunting Checklist: Use this so you don’t end up in a dive!

7 Tips for Getting Your Rental Deposit Back in Full: Definitely read this one before you intend to move rental homes!

What to Do When Your Landlord Doesn’t Refund Your Deposit: We all want our deposits back, so here’s what you need to know about your rights and options.

How to Fix Broken Mini Blinds Easily and Cheaply: This is a great tip so you don’t have to pay your complex a ridiculous charge to replace your broken blinds.

Apartment Living Tips

How to Recycle When You Live in an Apartment: Good one for those of us who can’t stand chucking everything in the dumpster but also need something convenient.

How to Wash Your Car in an Apartment without a Hose: No water is necessary for this hack!

Small Apartment Organization and Storage Ideas: What we’ve done to manage the small space living.

How to Organize a Small Homeschool Room: Great tips for those who are renting and homeschooling.

Why You Should Invite People Over to Your Small Apartment: This post is for any who feels self-conscious about the size or condition of their apartment home.

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