Tips and resources for families to live frugally, save money, and budget.

Look, we all have to make things work in the money department, and we all like saving money where and when we can.

I, as a self-proclaimed frugal person, am definitely no exception.

If you are interested in saving money, pinching pennies, budgeting, discussing finances, planning ahead, couponing, free stuff, or other financial help, be sure to check out my amazing resources below!

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Here are some great money-saving resources for you:

  1. How to Create a Monthly Budget that Works – Complete with a FREE downloadable Excel spreadsheet for the whole year
  2. How to Combat the Complications of the Cash Envelope System
  3. 10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Groceries Without Coupons
  4. How to Save Money on Contacts and Eyeglasses
  5. 10 Ways Your Family Can Save Money in the Summer
  6. How to Keep a Landline without the Phone Bill
  7. How to Build a Stockpile Easily and 23 Places to Stockpile in an Apartment
  8. 3 Best Online Consignment Shops for Buying Used Clothing for You and Your Kids
  9. Where to Get the Cheapest Car Tires
  10. How Earn Money Searching the Internet with Bing Rewards
  11. Get Rewarded for Eating Cereal with Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Bonus: The Spender Vs. The Saver – How to Keep Peace During the Holidays (and whenever)

If you are Pregnant or a New Mom check out these:

  1. 5 Best Baby Registry Stores and Sites to Use if You Love Saving Money
  2. Where to Get Maternity Clothes that Rock but Don’t Break the Bank
  3. Where and How to Get Free Diapers
  4. The Great Big List of Free Stuff for Moms – Pregnant, New, or Nursing
  5. Stop Paying for Preschool!: DIY Preschool Alternatives

BonusReal Ways Your Child Can Escape Student Loans and Graduate Debt Free

If you are looking for ways to generate a little income check these out:

  1. 21 of the Best Survey Sites for Moms to Make Money Online
  2. How to Make Money Blogging
  3. How to Start a Blog
  4. Best Way to Sell Unwanted Baby Clothes


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