Tips and resources for amazing birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and other holiday fun, gifting, decorating, and more.

What’s not to love about having a little extra fun by celebrating holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries?

We love celebrating these things and have written several articles all about several of these great holidays.


We like to have simple parties at home for our kids most years, but have done some pretty cool stuff. Check out these posts for more birthday party inspiration and gift inspiration for kids:

Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries

As I’m the one writing the blog, here are some great anniversary gift ideas for your husband, and other posts for Valentine’s Day:


As Christians, we love Easter! There are few things we love to do each year to make it extra special. Here are some helpful posts for you:


We aren’t super crazy about Halloween in our family, but still enjoy some Halloween fun. Check out our posts on this holiday:


I have a lot of Christmas content, so there is no way I can list it all here!

If you are looking for gift ideas, check out my post with all my various gift guides. 

If you are looking for Christmas inspiration, check out my main Christmas page!

Other Holidays

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